Jan. 24, 2023

Art Meets Tech: Insights from Constance Y. White, Manager of Austin's Art and Public Places Program

Art Meets Tech: Insights from Constance Y. White, Manager of Austin's Art and Public Places Program
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Constance Y. White is the manager of the Art in Public Places Program for the city of Austin. In this episode, we will go over the intersection of art and technology in the city of Austin and explore how the program drives innovation to benefit artists, innovators, and residents. We will also discuss the program's goals of improving the quality of life for citizens, making art more accessible, and contributing to the city’s tourism. Constance also shares her thoughts on the visual art that represents Austin, the program's creative process, and the challenges they encounter.

Episode Highlights

  • How creativity plays a vital role in driving innovation in both the technology sector and the community of Austin.
  • Austin's Art in Public Spaces Program is funded through capital improvement projects and 2% of capital construction costs are allocated towards public art, which is higher than the average rate of 1% for similar programs across the country.
  • There are over 400 distinct objects and installations in the collection with 60 open contracts
  • Austin has been known for its visual art like our famous murals, but new technology such as augmented reality is making its mark
  • What’s next for Austin? “Continuing to be open to the world of ideas, but also understanding the portal of influence from our local artists and our local constituents”

Episode Links 

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