March 21, 2023

Cultivating Austin Talent with Workforce Solutions Capital Area CEO Tamara Atkinson

Cultivating Austin Talent with Workforce Solutions Capital Area CEO Tamara Atkinson
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Tamara Atkinson, CEO of Workforce Solutions Capital Area, delves into the role the organization plays in shaping the future of Austin's workforce. We'll explore how Workforce Solutions Capital Area supports the local workforce, what is the state of the talent market today, and how the region is balancing the constant shifts of supply and demand for labor and skills.


Episode Highlights

  • Workforce Solutions Capital Area supports individuals in finding jobs by providing career guidance, scholarships, and outsourcing services to employers and companies by providing labor market information and investing in talent pipelines
  • Recent partnership with Austin Transit Partnership aims to plan for jobs created by infrastructure and mobility projects in Austin, building up the local talent pool
  • Workforce Solutions Capital Area also collaborates with other workforce boards in Texas and sees the region as a super region for job opportunities
  • Innovative companies recognize the value of starting talent development earlier and investing in the local community
  • Five growing sectors with high demand for talent are healthcare, IT, manufacturing, skilled trades & construction, and mobility & infrastructure
  • What's next Austin? “Keep your eye on mobility and infrastructure. I think that this is what's next and what's big for Austin with approximately 25 billion coming to our community. Are we going to implement this money business as usual, or are we going to see it as an opportunity to really grow Austinite’s skills?”


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