March 7, 2023

From SXSW to the Texas Biohub: Exploring the Future of Healthcare with Melinda Richter and Stacy Feld from Johnson & Johnson Innovation

From SXSW to the Texas Biohub: Exploring the Future of Healthcare with Melinda Richter and Stacy Feld from Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Melinda Richter and Stacy Feld of Johnson & Johnson Innovation discuss healthcare innovation and technology, including J&J's involvement in SXSW, the potential for Austin as a major biohub, and both the challenges and opportunities the sector faces.

Episode Highlights

  • J&J's sponsorship of the Health and MedTech track at SXSW signifies a shift for both J&J and the overall festival, showing its growing prominence.
  • JLABS is an example of J&J's approach between internal and external collaboration to help early-stage innovators by giving them access to resources and expertise they need to bring their solutions to market.
  • Consumerization of healthcare is a trend that can make healthcare more affordable and accessible but finding the right business model can be difficult.
  • Austin is a potential hub for healthcare innovation, and discussions about healthcare innovations and business models at SXSW could lead to a more efficient and effective healthcare system.
  • J&J recognizes the importance of leveraging data and insights to become more effective and efficient in providing care and solutions.
  • The future of telehealth is likely to include continued growth and innovation, as healthcare providers and patients become more comfortable with remote care and technology continues to improve.
  • What's next for Austin?
    • Stacy Feld: "Continuing to unlock the value of the rich academic and clinical institutions, not just with UT and Austin, but across the Texas Triangle and to find the synergies and pair our disease area expertise and the resources that we have with entrepreneurs and with academics." 
    • Melinda Richter: "What's next for Austin is to become that next big player for health tech, solving equity and access issues, changing patient care and lives, and leading the charge. All of those things together combined with such a diverse population, people coming from all over the world."
  • What's next for J&J in Austin?
    • Stacy Feld: "Building new early relationships with entrepreneurs, launching new companies out of academia, and continuing to invest in building long-term relationships." 
    • Melinda Richter: "There's going to be an amazing hub at SXSW with lots of J&J folks from around the company in different disciplines. And so we really want to have these conversations with everybody. So please reach out, come see us, and certainly, we want to continue to grow that conversation over time."

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