Feb. 7, 2023

Making Quantum Computing Accessible to All with William “whurley” Hurley, Founder and CEO of Strangeworks

Making Quantum Computing Accessible to All with William “whurley” Hurley, Founder and CEO of Strangeworks

William Hurley, better known as whurley, is the founder and CEO of StrangeWorks, a quantum computing startup that makes the power of quantum computing easily accessible and available to all. He shares expertise on the topic and explains what quantum computing is, how it works, and its potential impact on industries such as healthcare, material science, and artificial intelligence. We also dive into the democratizing power of technology and Austin’s growth as a deep tech hub. 

Episode Highlights

  • “Quantum computing is the future of humanity. It is the computational ability that we need to build other forms of computing… They'll be amorphic, neuromorphic, DNA-based things.”
  • Quantum mechanics’ unique properties allow computation of formerly intractable problems that classical computers require evaluation times of millions of years. 
  • 2023 may be to quantum technology what 1963 was to the space race.
  • When they launched Strangeworks, it was about humanizing quantum. The idea is to get into as many hands as possible.
  • ChatGPT’s rapid massive adoption has shown the power of UX innovation on top of complex technology and quantum is ripe for such an innovation.
  • What’s next Austin? “It needs to be community-focused, collaboratively driven with a cause, with a purpose. And that would be to build an ecosystem that supports an entrepreneur, whether they're me, or you, or some kid at UT or ACC or whatever that has an idea so that everybody can get a chance.”

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Strangeworks: Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

William Hurley: LinkedIn, Facebook, Website, Twitter, Instagram


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