March 28, 2023

SXSW 2023: The Nexus of Austin's Innovation and Creative Powerhouses

SXSW 2023: The Nexus of Austin's Innovation and Creative Powerhouses
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Austin Next takes you on an exclusive, behind-the-scenes journey of SXSW 2023, showcasing the city's innovation-driven culture. Michael is the newbie this year, so we get his first-timer impressions. We had the pleasure of interviewing five companies making an impact at the festival: NeuraLight, Gigaroo, EverCase, Thrive360, and Eden Data. Our discussions center on their cutting-edge products, their experiences at SXSW, and their future goals.  We also caught up with J&J Innovation again to discuss their sponsorship and activity.

Episode Highlights

  • Austin shows up at SXSW in as many ways as there are companies, whether they are looking for promotion, funding, sales, or just winning the innovation competitions, the Austin innovation community supports and needs SXSW.


  • SXSW Innovation Award Finalist NeuraLight's ocular signature technology for revolutionizing neurodegenerative disease diagnosis and treatment.


  • SXSW Pitch Finalist Gigaroo is an app that connects Gen Z job seekers with ideal positions via customized questionnaires.


  • SXSW Pitch Finalist EverCase has innovated food preservation that reduces food waste by keeping food at freezing temperatures without ice formation.


  • Thrive360 offers mental health and self-care experiences from practicing doctors and therapists in 2D and virtual reality, with B2B and B2C platforms.


  • Eden Data is a cybersecurity company that provides security and compliance expertise on subscription for startups and scale-ups.


  • J&J sponsored the Health and MedTech Track and is committed to accelerating healthcare solutions with technology and a growing presence in Austin. 


Episode Links

SXSW YouTube playlist

Neuralight:Website,Twitter,LinkedIn,Micha Breakstone

Gigaroo:Website,Twitter,LinkedIn,Adir Oden

EverCase:Website,LinkedIn,Paul Levins

Thrive360:Website,LinkedIn,Christy Lamka

Eden Data:Website,Twitter,LinkedIn,Taylor Hersom

J&J Innovation:Website,Twitter,Stacy Feld LinkedIn,Stacy Feld Twitter


Check out all of the sponsors mentionedhere


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