Nov. 9, 2021

The Austin Capital Environment #3: NonVC Sources of Startup Fundraising (Angels, Debt, Crowdfunding, and More)

Venture capital is just one source of funding available to early-stage companies. These sources both compete with and complement VC money. They range from existing methods such as angels and debt vehicles to new sources like crowdfunding. Austin is home to a growing variety of options for this alternative capital and so we are going to try something new with this episode.

In this episode, we have 4 mini-interviews with individuals that are active in this space. Nick Spiller, fundraising coach and host of the Beta Business podcast; Rick Timmins, former board chair of CTAN; Elizabeth Jennings, Board Member for SWAN Impact Network;  and Kyle Robertson, entrepreneur, and free-agent investor. They provide a look at the organizations and players in town and also provide differing perspectives on the fundraising environment.

With capital flowing we can move towards...What's next Austin?

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