March 29, 2022

The Future of Connected Work with Razat Gaurav, CEO of Planview

The Future of Connected Work with Razat Gaurav, CEO of Planview

Work is changing, whether that is how we work (remote, hybrid, in-person), the tools we use, or how we govern these organizations. One of the superpowers of Austin is that "We are living in the future" and in this case, it means the future of work is being developed, tested, and deployed here first. To understand how Austin is the source of these trends and tools, we interview Razat Gaurav, CEO of Austin-based Planview. We talk about their place in the region, how they are creating these new platforms, and the future of Austin. How we work is...What's next Austin?


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Our music is “Tech Talk” by Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 License 


Episode Highlights:

  • Planview is an Austin born and bred company and is a leader in the portfolio and work management solutions systems. Helping companies allocate resources to maximize company success.
  • Trends in the future of work
    • The pace of organizational change is increasing, especially after the pandemic.
    • All industries are grappling with these changes.
    • Digitalization is now an imperative.
    • Decisions are now more data driven than ever.
  • The new generation in the workforce has a fundamentally different approach to work.
    • The command-and-control structures are being left behind
    • Information is more widespread
    • Bottoms up empowerment, top-down answers to the question of “why.”
  • Data is like water, it’s everywhere, but it needs to be filtered, curated and managed.
  • User interface is critical for collaboration and accessing data. Especially as more workers have been remote.
  • “Austin is a good representation of the change happening in the world.”
  • Three key factors enabling Austin to progress faster:
    • UT, the students, professors, and resources
    • TX state capital
    • Tech Ecosystem (from start up to large companies)
  • 60% of investments in digitization yield no results
  • Austin’s challenges – housing, infrastructure, talent… Austin does have a lot of energy working towards solving these issues.
  • Why did Razat join Planview and come to Austin?
    • The space that Planview occupied in the software world.
    • Making a good company great.
    • The people (employees, management team, and the board).
  • What’s fascinating about Austin?
    • The culture – people are friendly, open minded, and unpretentious.
    • The weather – mild compared to Chicago
  • Enterprise software companies have been here for a long time, what’s different now is established companies like Oracle are moving to Austin.
  • Employee success + customer success gives us the right to being a successful company. We don’t take for granted that our people have chosen to work at Planview.
  • Austin will continue to be a bigger innovation hub for the world!