June 27, 2021

Welcome to Austin Next

Over the last decade, Austin has exploded into the national consciousness as the next great innovation powerhouse. That has only accelerated over the past 18 months as talent, capital, and companies are making the move. Homegrown companies across the spectrum are becoming unicorns and having significant exits. Austin’s flywheel is gaining momentum. During this last surge, we moved here as well. A father and son team that has seen some ecosystems grow, some stagnate, and some never take off. To understand what the future holds for Austin’s innovation ecosystem and how to accelerate its growth, we will talk with local players, hear from outside perspectives, and dive into the latest academic research. In the end, we are driven by the need to answer one basic question...What’s Next Austin? Podcast Production Services by NCC Audio Our music is “Tech Talk” by Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 License