April 25, 2023

Why Austin and the Texas Triangle is Poised for Success: A Conversation with Cullum Clark

Why Austin and the Texas Triangle is Poised for Success: A Conversation with Cullum Clark
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Are the cities in the Texas Triangle on the right track to success? With their expansive population growth and focus on economic growth, the cities of the Texas Triangle have been on an upward trajectory in recent years. To answer these questions and more, we welcome back to the show Cullum Clark, director of the George W. Bush Institute and SMU's Economic Growth Initiative. Cullum discusses the Texas Triangle and its implications for economic growth, infrastructure, and housing.

Episode Highlights

  • The Texas Triangle has been more successful in balancing growth while preserving the unique character and identity of each city. 
  • Every county across the San Antonio and Austin metros grew, while the core urban counties in Houston and Dallas lost population.
  • Cullum's key for regions is to prioritize education, human capital, livability, and being business-friendly to attract and retain talent and companies.
  • Austin's multi-hub economy has a diverse industry base with a unique mix of a big public university, the state capital, and the biggest tourist destination.  
  • What’s next Austin? “I think that when you look at everything that's working in 21st Century America, Austin truly has it all. To be a place that kind of benefits from being a kind of, having a cultural cool factor, benefits from being a center of tech benefits from being a major higher ed center. There is an economic anchor as well. I'm absolutely as bullish as I could be and I would encourage others to be as well. The future of the Texas Triangle is very bright.”

Episode links

Cullum Clark:Twitter,Website

George W. Bush Center:Website

The Texas Triangle: An Emerging Metropolitan Model in the Lone Star State



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