March 22, 2022

A 1st Timers' Impression of SXSW

A 1st Timers' Impression of SXSW

We are changing up the format this week as we are flying without a net and without a guest. This time is just a conversation between our hosts. Jason had the opportunity to attend SXSW. Hear one point of view on how Austin was represented at the festival. What we learned, what caught our eye, and how we are already thinking about SXSW 2023.   Here’s how SXSW influenced...What's Next Austin?


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Our music is “Tech Talk” by Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 License 


Episode Highlights:

  • Hugh Forrest’s welcome, “March magic in the ATX!”
  • The end of FOMO? The hybrid SXSW program recorded the biggest events, so there was no chance of missing one to be at another.
  • Serendipity returns to SXSW – meeting people from all over the world and welcoming them back to Austin’s premier event.
  • Austin was well represented:
    • Moneyball in Venture Capital – all Austin panelists
    • Austin & Miami mayors met and talk
    • Many Austin companies demoing and on panels
  • Austin’s secret sauce:
    • Jim Breyer (Venture Capitalist), “You can play nice and win in Austin - different than other ecosystems.”
    • James Garvey (Self Financial CEO), “It’s the people.”
    • Julia Cheek (Everlyhealth CEO), “It’s the lack of pretense here.”
    • Morgan Flager (Managing Partner Silverton), “It’s not forgetting why people came in the first place.”
  • Best Events/Panels
    • Austin Venture Association - Best Party
      Best Speaker - Jason Ballard Icon 3d - standing ovation
      Best Panels - Jim Breyer/Michael Dell, Austin/Miami, Texas Unicorns
  • Austin Superpowers on display
    • We are living in the future - Creative expo: holograms, self driving trucks, crypto
      We build - ICON 3D's entire speech focused entirely on now is the time to build
      We are cool - SXSW bringing people here for art, culture, food, film; Drone created QR code for the new Halo series