Nov. 22, 2022

Austin Next Live: The Austin Bio Innovation Ecosystem

Austin Next did our first live recording on LinkedIn Live. Jason was joined by Jawad Ali (Austin Medtech Connect), and Dennis McWilliams (Santé Ventures) for a discussion on how we actually define the bio sector here in Austin, what makes us unique, our challenges, and more. 

What's next Austin?

Episode Highlights

  • Is this the bio-sector, life-science sector, med-tech, health-tech, and does that include the health-related service sector? The key is a name that encompasses all the groups within the sector.
  • It basically broke down into the paths companies take in terms of patient viewpoint, business model and regulation.
  • But these boxes are overlapping more than ever, as AI driven models are imposing on services as well as traditional bio-sector activities like drug discovery.
  • Austin’s life-science sector stands to benefit from this overlap as the large software presence here allows easy expansion into more traditional businesses.
  • Another advantage that Austin brings to the table is its ability to attract entrepreneurs and the capital they need.
  • Dell Med is another big add to our asset base here in Austin. As is UT.
  • But we are still missing some things – like lab space and manufacturing capabilities. One answer is to distribute the company’s resources where the local facilities are (example: clinical trials in San Antonio, lab space in Dallas).
  • The Austin Innovation District facility near UT and Dell Med is supposed to be open, but occupancy is very limited right now.

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