Nov. 15, 2022

Live at the Informa Tech AI/IoT/ Quantum Conference

The Informa Tech AI/IoT/Quantum Computing conference landed in Austin November 2nd and 3rd. Austin Next was there, listening, learning, and supporting the conference.  With speakers ranging from chess champions and NFL quarterbacks to Austin’s Mayor and UT’s Athletic Director, everyone was here to talk and learn about changes and the intersections in the IoT, quantum computing and AI worlds. In the midst of a busy conference, we snagged Jenalea Howell, the VP AI & IoT Markets at Informa Tech for a discussion of conferences, Austin, and what it’s like to return home.

What’s next Austin?

Episode Highlights

  • Moving the conference from Silicon Valley to Austin – “We have a different culture. We want folks to work together.” UT’s Athletic Director, talked about how UT Football is really “Austin’s front porch.” A place for people to gather and talk about everything. “Thinking folks are sitting at a football game in a stadium next to each other talking about technology here. That is the culture we want to bring. That's why we've brought it to Austin.” 

  • Combining three conferences into one – “If you look at these technologies individually, you're missing the bigger picture. If you only think about IoT without thinking about AI or quantum computing, how are you really playing the long game for your business” 

  • Walking the expo floor – “What I think is important when you talk about bringing these technologies together, bringing this ecosystem together. How do we create those opportunities to talk across the ecosystem? That's the point of the conference.” 

  • Coming back to Austin – “Oh, it's amazing… I think Austin is an incredible city and has been for a long time. And it's maintained that core culture, which is incredible. I still get lost every time I come downtown right now” 

  • Coming back in 2023 – “I can't wait. Yes, we're moving across the river, but also, the greenery, the green space there and that's what we're so looking forward to it. We absolutely love the untraditional experience.” 

  • Leveraging the Austin location – “There's so much more to explore and to showcase and to us that's important what is happening around Austin.”

  • Conventions in Austin – “Space is hard to come by in Austin. It really is when you're thinking about conferences. We have so many events coming to town now that is tough"

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